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Alf Cannan . The Sheriff of Nothingham?

Dear Affiliated trade union delegates please endeavor to attend the AGM. For officers with particular sectors, please have your reports ready ahead of the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all, and moving forward together for the furtherance of stronger trade union input into the Islands future and its workers from across the whole trade spectrum.

Please mark your diaries.

Tuesday March 14th at Transport House, 25 Fort street, Douglas. At 18:30 h 

Eric Holmes. President

23 November 2016

Dear Chief Minister
Platitudes and patronising are no solution to the imbalance of meaningful and full consultation between the three bodies I have indicated attention too, ie reconvene MNEDC . We know the work permit system will stay, we have indicated that we would campaign en masse should that route be chosen to disband it. I also understand the need for good employers ie those that don't need government assistance to undermine the minimum wage or employment standards on the Island to be able to turn a profit. I believe you understand the fine balance, however your new parliament in quite a few members doesn't, in my opinion and it is from these few we hold concerns against. Looking forward to meeting with you very soon to discuss things man to man.

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An invaluable new online resource, 'The Union Makes us Strong' tells the story of the labour movement over the last 200 years and includes replicas of original source documents. The history of the Trades Union Congress. These three chapters were commissioned for the TUC's centenary in 1968:

1868-1899: section explains the events which led to the establishment of the Trades Union Congress, working hours and conditions of the time and the victory of the 1899 dockers' strike.

1900-1928: section includes the implications of the Taff Vale decision and the The Osborne Judgement, foundations of a welfare state, outbreak of the First World War, rise of the shop steward, impact of the Russian revolution and the 1926 general strike.

1928-1938: section covers the first Labour government, the Mond-Turner talks, the growth of unions, and the Spanish civil war.

The TUC archives are held at the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick Library. The archive contains files from c1920 - 1990 comprising of correspondence, internal and external documents, minutes, reports, printed material and press statements.

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